Manager's pick for exceptional real estate deals in Panama  
  Manager's pick for exceptional real estate deals in Panama  
Aerial view of Panama City, Republic of Panama, Central America showing the new condos and buildings
View of Panama City
Panama ~ the right time, the right place, the best investment opportunities.

Panama City is a thriving metropolis that is home to over 1,000,000 residents and stretches along the Pacific coast from the old city until the end of the Panama Canal.

Why Panama?

* Panama is a stable Latin America republic with a booming Real Estate market and several long term economic growth engines. The real estate boom is being fueled by strong demand from North America, Latin American wealth migration, European Investment and expatriated businessmen from large multinational companies.
* The Panama Canal is the only shipping route that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
* Stable Government
* Dollarized since 1903
* Independent judicial system based on civil law
* Growing Economy - growth for 2009 3,2% -despite global economic crisis
* Lowest inflation rate in Latin America 3,5%
* Multinational businesses establishing operations in Panama
* 50.000 new foreign retirees/semi-retirees expected by 2012
* Panama has no Military
* Foreign ownership of assets is protected by law to the same extent as a Panamanian’s

Why to buy land?

- In the historical comparison, prices of sites are always raised above the value of other properties.
- The demand for land is growing continually, as limited land is available only.
- The risk of losses in value is very low
- The chance of profits is very high
- Low investment capital possible
- No maintenance
- No taxes

Buying a property is a very safe investment and the perfect strategy for small, medium and large investors.



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